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Developing Psychic abilities [May. 19th, 2008|08:41 pm]

There is much talk about Psychic ability. 

Usually most folks speak of Psychics, they consider Empathy and Tarot readings as what defines Psionics. And while these things are somewhat useful powers, they are really the most trivial of Psi abilities. 

There is a large online community of folks using far more advanced abilities. This community is what's called Energy-Workers. As they include Psi, Magick, Chi, Faith, and even Tech, in their abilities for their daily lives.

I consider the very basics of Energy-Working to cover:

(Self): Grounding, Centering, Aligning, Clearing, Shielding, Healing.
And establishing Ranged Connection and Interaction with others.

Slightly advanced capabilities include:

(Doing for others): Grounding/Centering/Aligning/Clearing/Shielding/Healing
Also Energy Sparring and making Constructs

All these techniques are thoroughly written about on www.psionguild.com and many other "real" psi forums. Note I've not included Kinetics, as I've yet to see anyone definitively demonstrate it to me. Also not included is Empathy, for while useful, tends to be a rather basic ability when one first awakens.

If you seek to learn any of the 'basics' as I've listed, drop me a private messge on my forum or send an email. All training is free and takes it us about 10 minutes to demonstrate the basics of energy-working to someone. Lessons last a couple hours each.

~Be well~


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Threat Assessment – “Spirit Families” [Dec. 19th, 2007|04:25 pm]

The following information is real, and should be studied by all energy-workers, for their own protection.

“Spirit Families” as they call themselves are an energy-working organization of ill repute. They seek telepaths and other energy-workers and then forcibly induct them into their organization.

The head of this organization is called the “Wyrm Family”. They in turn control all other families under them. Those under them are Raven, Wolf, Coyote, Snake, Tiger, Bear, Beaver, Spider, Panther, and Dragon.

The methods that this organization employs are highly developed. First they use a method of ‘hooking’ into the energy patterns of the victim and setting up control aspects into them, much like a hacker controls a computer. The ‘code’ they use is called Protocol.

For those of you in the ‘know’ about how Vampiric hooks work, and overwriting personality of the ‘childe’, this coding is similar, but more developed. While vampires and other kin that ‘turn’ others merely copy their ‘code’, they tend to have little or no comprehension of what they do.

Spirit Families have more experience and knowledge of manipulating that code, but they have lost some understanding over the decades of how they do it. As a result their coding has deteriorated to something of spaghetti logic. Thus, those members that really study can manipulate the rest of the Families with ease.

The heart of their control mechanism in a victim is called “Key” and “Core”. The person that becomes “Core” is used to absorb damage that other members incur in combat. This is done simply by someone channeling their damage from an attacker down the line to the person that is “Core”. Thus the core suffers, and the other members are fine.

The person that is “Key” regulates the victim that is “Core”.  As the “Core” becomes more mentally and physically wounded, they often try to break free of their servitude. So “Key” steps in and overwrites and overwhelms the “Core”, thus maintaining the slavery.

For those that are members and are lucky not to be made “Core”, they get to be given lofty titles like “Tool” or “Toy”. Needless to say, many energy-organizations despise the “Spirit Families”.  And for good reason, as the “Cores” tend to die within a short time of being inducted. Their deaths range from suicide to heart attacks.

Below is a link to the hidden website of the “Raven” (Nascakiyetl) Spirit Family. Some of their site has already been deleted, and it will likely be taken down as news of it becomes well known. This is why I am including a copy of the entire website in compressed format on my forum as well. (www.HouseOfAncients.com)

If you have more information on the Spirit Families or have questions, please let me know.

House of Ancients

Spirit Families hidden site:

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Life After Raven [Jun. 27th, 2007|08:57 pm]

Well, it took me many months of raging against Raven’s energy bonds, but I finally shattered them, and thus his control over me. It was literally a ‘shattering’, and it messed up my energy system and my physical body as well.

I ended up at the Psion Guild These folks patched me up in no time. I am grateful for their assistance. They are a very diverse group, and offer free teaching for those that are serious about learning. I recommend an open mind and proving each thing scientifically to yourself each step of the way. Start with the basics and ask lots of questions.

Next, I suppose I should explain the basics on human energy systems, so you understand how I took on Raven’s abilities.

Energy Pattern and Overlays

Humans tend to see themselves as their physical body, which is defined by cellular structure. But they also have an Energy body, which affects the body and mind. The energy body can be seen by those trained to do so. It appears to be comprised of lines, and has depth, much like a topographical map. No doubt some modern technology can see it as well. This energy body is sometimes called a person’s Energy Pattern.

Now, a small percentage of people seem to have a stronger Energy Pattern than most. This is not to say their overall energy pattern is stronger, but certain Traits are stronger. It turns out that there are certain circumstances that a stronger energy pattern can be copied into a weaker one. Like Raven did to mine. This is called an Overlay, and essentially means the stronger pattern overwrites the weaker one, and so the stronger Traits are added to the weaker pattern. This Overlay permanently changes the person’s energy pattern that obtains it.

Many of these people with stronger Traits identify themselves as Otherkin. This is likely because they see certain creatures as having similar abilities that these Traits confer to them. Traits range from good abilities like enhanced strength, faster reflexes, and night vision, to a variety of bad attributes like blind rage and anxiety. Though some can even be as extreme as an overwhelming desire to drink blood.

So to recap Overlays. What I am saying here is that if someone has certain Traits that are stronger than your's, and they copy their Pattern to you, then you will suddenly have all their good and bad Traits, for the rest of your life.

This process is provable, and can be easily demonstrated. Honestly, I’ve no idea why science isn’t aware of this, and studying it. Unless of course its...


I suppose the reason it is secret, is that it comes down to those ‘in the know’ not wanting the general population to be aware. When I ask powerful energy-workers why they don’t take their knowledge mainstream, they tend to reply, “I like having an edge over mundanes”.

And it’s true, there are lots of abilities that allow such people to easily manipulate and use non-energy workers. 

If you want to get a feel of what’s out there, you can download some really cool energy-working surveys, and see how much you really know about the subject.

Danger: Do Not Read!

Now, while there are thousands of fairly benign abilities of energy-working, like Overlays, there really are some very nasty abilities too. It is probably best that the world not know about these.

Here let me tell you some of them…

(Tune into my next update)

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The Bond between a Childe and their Sire [Sep. 25th, 2006|10:38 am]
For those of you that have not felt a Sire Bond…

Lover, Friend, Teacher, Master, Savior…so many titles I can’t even think of them all.

Raven is all these things to me, and so much more.

The Bond one has with their Sire is astounding. It can take you to the highest joys and the lowest depressions. To have the loving attention of your Sire brings a feeling of overwhelming joy and infinite love. Their barest touch on your skin brings tears of joy. With that Love, one feels unworthy and has the deepest desire for more.

Though, to have that love pulled away from you though brings utter sadness. One feels disgrace, tremendous loss. This can be achieved from the Sire by simply looking away from you, or even withholding their attention. Any childe will do whatever it takes to get back their Sire’s love.

But to have Sire’s anger… that is a fate of extreme. Such creates utter fear and even horror in the childe. Most will fall to their Sire’s feet and weep.

I have experienced all these things with Raven.

Ours is a tumultuous vampiric relationship. In the beginning he delighted in many aspects of Love and as time has gone on, ours has become more distant, maybe even cold.

Perhaps this is due to his initial use of the Bond to dominate me. There were times that he giggled in glee at making me bow to him, though all my will railed against it. This created some discontentment in me, and I fought him tooth and nail to overcome his will. Little did I understand that the Bond amplifies his will, and diminishes mine against him.

Or maybe we are cold because I am male and not his first choice in love, it seems. He has another Love now, a fiancée. I did not do well towards her in the beginning, as I felt his love pull away from me and go towards her. I was angry and sad. Raven did little to assure me that I was still at his side. Words are meaningless in the Bond, only actions and emotion. I simply didn’t feel he still wanted me, and that hurt me very, very deeply.

But since then I’ve done everything I could to clean that mess up, make up for it, be ok with it, treat Her better. Is it enough? Will it ever be? I don’t know…

Perhaps it is something else, this coldness… Maybe, maybe, maybe...what?

To question myself in my relationship with Raven seem pointless at times. Suffice to say that I Love him to the ends of the Earth. And that I hate it when he withholds his love from me. That he wishes to share it with another, does not bother me so much anymore. But when I come to him, my heart open, and all I get in return is a coldness… that is such pain that I cannot bear.

To say that the Bond is powerful is simply an understatement. Nothing that I have ever found in Energy or Will seems to break this Bond. My energies have been changed, so many times now since I was Sired by Raven, and still the Bond endures. I have been cleared by those of nigh equal power to him and still the Bond is as strong as ever. Oddly enough, he even tried to break the Bond, remove his energies from me, at my request once, and though it was the saddest and most painful event I’d ever experienced, still the Bond endures.

Perhaps such things are simply eternal? And maybe it is best not to dwell on such things.

I have come to terms that I will always be Raven’s Childe.  And that Raven will always be my Sire. Perhaps he and I can forge a better relationship, and we can be good to one another from now on.

I’d like that Raven. I hope that’s what you want too…

Can we, please?
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My Will, a bit of backstory [Aug. 5th, 2006|11:45 am]

Let me talk about my Will.


As a kid I didn’t like being told what to do, especially if it didn’t make sense. I’d often ask ‘why’ and be told ‘because’.


In my twenties is when I started getting political. I started to see problems with the society that I live in, as most people do. I joined a gay democratic club and quickly discovered how fractious such groups are. I helped focus them and we tried to get a bill passed for gay rights in Broward county. It took a lot of work and in the end the attempt failed. I was a bit disgusted by the outcome, that it could be so easily altered by a few that preach to the masses.


After that I discovered it was easier to focus on the people that make decisions. When I saw there were problems in a city, I’d go meet with the mayor to fix them. I found very quickly that they simply were not motivated to help resolve problems. So I began dictating to them what they would do. When I put myself in an adversarial role, I could feel their force of will upon me. It felt like a combination of anger and ego.


I learned to accept their focus on me and let it burn within me. I then turned an amplified version of it against them and told them, “You will do this.” Surprising to me, it worked repeatedly.  They often relented on the spot. I’ve dealt with Mayors, City attorneys, Code Enforcement, City Managers, Police Chiefs, and Governors.


After a while I got bored with local politics and started dealing with corporations. I found CEOs were just the same, all bark and no bite. Getting corporate policy changed was fairly simple.


Almost all of these people that I’ve dealt had some measure of this empathic ability to affect others. But none of them were capable of stopping my effect on them. I theorize that many of these people got to their positions by affecting the minds of others. I’d call it ‘empathic manipulation’.


Generally speaking I wouldn’t initiate manipulation unless I felt it used on me. But it’s so common for people in those positions to have the ability that I got a lot of training. Eventually I got a bit of an ego as I never found anyone that was more capable than me.


I figured that I was simply indomitable.


Until Raven…

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Ancient Awakenings (Part 1) [Aug. 2nd, 2006|11:47 pm]
It was mid-2005 and we had just moved in with roommates due to Hurricane Katrina problems. Myself and my hubby “Discordian” had been together for 8 years at that point. Our roommates that we moved in with are Mystique and her husband Agusta. Perhaps I should mention that while I am gay, I dated Mystique for almost a year. That was about 11 years ago, before she married Agusta, and before I met my hubby, Discordian.
So we had just moved in with them and were just getting settled when and along came Hurricane Wilma. We had been hearing for days about her and I thought nothing of it, as we have plenty of low powered storms. As such, I didn’t really pay attention until she hit. She wiped out power lines for miles across Florida. She ripped up trees and threw them everywhere. I’ve never seen wind look like whitewater rapids before that.
In the aftermath we realized how unprepared we were for this disaster zone.
Now I’m a take charge kind of person and if I see something is wrong, I want to fix it. I don’t want to piddle around about it, I simply do it. If other people are around me at the time, I try to get them involved and get whatever problem handled as efficiently as possible.
So me, my hubby Discordian and Mystique all worked together, urgently, to try to get supplies. But her husband Agusta apparently got ‘depressed’ and we had a lot of trouble getting help from him. He did like to yell a lot though, it seemed. It took us 3 hours to get food and water from the supermarket. There was no gas available, because the gas stations didn’t have generators.
Coupled with the blinding heat and no electricity, we tried, in earnest, to find things to do and stay friendly. Eventually, my stress level got so high with Agusta yelling at me, that I completely ‘lost it’ with him. I left the house and would have walked into traffic, had it not been for the fact that there were no cars on the road. When I got back, Mystique and I had a long talk about me letting people just be who they are. I think my shields finally cracked under the strain of it all, because I agreed to just let him be. He and I had no more confrontations after that.
Time passed slowly. We had many long nights of humid, sticky, sweltering heat. No one could sleep until we passed out. Agusta was still pissed and something was going on with Mystique. Each time she’d go to sleep, after a few hours I could feel her sexual energies radiating through the walls. Now, I’d felt this before, empathically, and that’s probably why I’d dated her. But this time it was different. This had such an intensity that I couldn’t breathe when I felt it. (I hope Agusta knows what a lucky man he is!)
And so this went on for days and days. Between the heat, the humidity, the stress, no electricity, no running water, Agusta, and Mystique, I honestly felt that I was losing my sanity.
Finally, I got sick of waiting for the electricity to get turned back on. It had already been over a week as it was. It took me calling the CEO of FPL twice to get the electricity turned back on for our neighborhood.
Once we had electricity, and blessed Air Conditioning, after a few days things settled down a little bit. But I was mentally and physically exhausted. As well as horny as hell and as my hubby was exhausted as well, I had no outlet to turn to.  Except one.
With my hubby’s consent, I called up a boytoy friend that I had played around with a bit in the past. I drove down and brought him home. I thought this would just be yet another typical experience of me being the dominant one with him and having fun. Boy was I wrong.
Sure he was easy going and fun for a while. But at some point I felt him empathically pushing on me and I resisted. Then suddenly something ‘changed’ within him. He became like a vicious animal. Snarling, fangs barred. He threw me down and bit the hell out of my neck. As I fought to get him off of me, I saw a black glow from his eyes and his face was … different, somewhat inhuman in a way. He even felt different empathically. He proceeded to hold me down with incredible strength and then began playing with me. He built up my eros to such an extent that it felt like I was floating out of my body. He let me go, but I couldn’t move, I was so enraptured.
And then he bit me on the thigh. It hurt and I cried out. He held me down and kept biting. Then I felt him start draining my energy. He drained my energy to such an extent that I thought I was dying. After what felt like hours, he sat back and smiled in an evil sort of way, like he was amused at my fighting to breathe.
And then he offered me his wrist. He said “Bite it”. I just looked at him like he was nuts. Then he put his wrist in my mouth and repeated his order. I did this and then he said “Pull my energy into you.” I tried this and it was like a rush of energy and power like none other that I had ever experienced.
I awoke to the world of Vampirism.
Raven had changed my life.
End Part 1
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2006|09:25 am]

My Awakening

Let me list my steps of Awakening in this life. Maybe you folks can list yours so we can compare notes?

My first Awakening was Empathic. That happened when I was in my early teens. I was coming to terms with it and then my second awakening hit.

My second was Precognition, when I was around 15. I began having precog dreams and then the events would happen in my life. I even wrote one such dream down and then it happened in my life. This really freaked me out. Then I started having memories of past lives.

My third was Magick, in my early 20’s. I suddenly became aware of the incredibly magickal world we live in. I discovered that I could cast intricate spells, but had no idea why I knew how to.

My fourth was when I was in my late 20's. I was introduced to the Norse Gods. It is quite a shock when you talk to the Gods and they talk back.

My fifth was about late last year 2005, age 37, when I realized I was an Ancient. I'll go into some detail on this most recent Awakening, as it’s still fresh on my mind...


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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2006|10:42 am]
Everything you've been taught to believe about Reality is a lie.

From legends, history, religions and fairy tales, we hear all our lives that there is a Mystical side of Reality. Yet for some reason, we are taught by society to disbelieve all this evidence. We are instead encouraged to live lives that focus on a humdrum economic and political existence. This has allowed mankind to become boring and sheeplike; easily controlled by Politicians and Bureaucrats that thrive in such a mundane existence.

Many call the process of becoming aware of the Mystical nature of the world, 'Awakening'.

Awakening puts one back in touch with the exciting and mystical, normally unseen part of Reality. Awakening is generally a Magical or Spiritual experience. Once Awake, people see the world as a much more dynamic place, full of energies that can be directed in ways like Psionics, Magick and Miracles.

Awakened people also become more resistant to being controlled by the mundane world, as they are much more aware of how energies are being used to subvert them. They realize that everyone is at least a tiny bit psychic, and from there they can vastly increase their own capabilities with such things.

The process of awakening can be helped by external assistance (friends, teachers, or simply having weird experiences) but regardless of stimuli, the person needs to be ready to accept possibility into their spiritual understanding. If they are not ready, they simply won't awaken.

Awakening is usually an affair of many stepping-stones in someone’s lifetime. For those that awaken very young in life, they may have many more experiences of awakening later in their lives as well. A person could be awakened in one lifetime and not awaken the next. However, it seems that the more lives one is awake, the more capable they are of using mystical abilities each time they awaken again.

Each lifetime, a person has the opportunity for a different experience in awakening. For some it can be a positive and joyous experience. And for others, it can be a horrifying and disturbing affair. Ideally, having someone that is already awakened helping them awaken is better, as they can help ensure that the experience is a pleasant one. It also helps a great deal to have someone that can answer the barrage of questions that will come during the process.

I will be detailing my experiences with awakening in this lifetime. For those of you that have Awakened, I'd love to see you detail your experience in the Comments section. Perhaps the things you learned in your awaking can help others that are verging on theirs too.

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Awakening the World [Jul. 18th, 2006|10:25 am]
[mood |awake]

This will be my diary of Awakening the 7 Billion people on this planet.
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